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you have done it again - fantastic - love it!


Excellent. Do you mind if I display it during our Good Friday Youth event?


That is fantastic.


Amazing stuff, yet again!


This is fantastic.
Can I use it for my youthwork, please.


barrie, thanks for asking. of course you may use the image for youthwork - i hope it will be useful

Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain

Absolutely love that postcard. Not sure how big your town is, but I would think about trying to send it to everyone.





Incredible. It's quite amazing how many world-changing people have at some time been arrested. Gandhi, Martin Luter King, Mandela, Hugh Grant...



Thank you.

Steve F.

As a former student at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, I'm sure linking to this will annoy several of my former classmates - and their sensibilities about this Jesus person.

But that's what he looks like to me. Closer to my past than I'd like to admit...

I remember a Christmas card of a pregnant black teenaged girl...that was you, too, wasn't it? Powerful, amazing stuff.


hey that's pretty awesome - are you a graphic designer/photographer by trade? i think its really cool that you use your gifts to serve God


thanks for all your comments in answer to a few of them .... jesse, the size of my town is 7-8 million as i live in London UK! Steve, yes it was me that did the christmas card. Ben, i'm not a designer but a youth minister - although i am trying to learn a few things about photography.


Wow!! I really like that.

Johnny B Goode

Pretentious, twee, crap, and typically liberal middle class. Not to mention a poor attempt to plagarise that awful Christmas card image of the Blessed Virgin.

If you want to get people thinking about the easter story why don't you produce something that makes them think about how it applies to their lives. This means learning something about the kind of lives people in your area enjoy or suffer, and creating something that will engage them on that level.

I'm sorry, but I fail to see how something like this will engage the affluent gentry of Canonbury, or those who live in its deprived pockets. About the only people who this will appeal are arty-farty tossers (so, then again, perhaps it will appeal to Canonbury's gentry!?!).

Which reminds me, you need to target different ideas at different groups. E.g. the gentry of Canonbury Road and the council slums of Essex Road will probably require having the easter story sold to them in different ways.

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