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is the issue "young", or "single" mums? I'd be interested to know


Hi Maggie,
I don't really feel qualified to answer your question as I don't have much information for opinion forming beyond my own experience which is that of working with young people.
However my take on this is that mainstream society has developed a greater acceptance of single parents over the past couple of decades, which has led to an increased understanding of the pressures that lone parents face. This is reflected in a recognition that employers need to develop a more flexible approach to staff management.
Although there is much more that could be done and I’m sure that there are plenty of lone parents who feel ostracized there doesn’t appear to be much shift in opinion relating to young parents.

Politicians and other commentators continue to create negative stereotypes, describing young parents as scroungers wanting to increase their benefits by having children.

Almost all the research on this group of young people looks at the disadvantages of early parenthood.

These occurrences, along with many more not only do a disservice to the young people concerned but render the research itself as deficient.


so it's young AND poor? or is it young AND single? but not just young?
thanks for your further thoughts, it's something I'm turning over quite a lot at the moment with regard to the unspoken message about a "right" time to have a baby

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I am wondering if you feel differently about single mothers than you do single fathers. I overheard a conversation between two teachers talking about a student in a "single parent family." The assumption was that it was the mother raising the student and , of course the student must be having problems with a mother like that. When the second teacher found out that the single parent was a Dad - all of a sudden he was a hero and maybe "we as a school could do something to help out". Help out? I never heard such a huge difference in attitude about parenting. How do you feel about it?


things havent change in fourty years were you found yourselve haviving a baby ,you are called all the names they can find to put out there.you think we would have got the ider if you have sex you rae going to have a child,are we all bach in the year 1900 or 2010 were sex is talk about all the time its on the tv its in every thing you buy and watch.so what lm saying you havent change in your thinking you so ready to put names to people who go out side what you thing is the right when you dont get married -

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