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Thanks again for this wonderful image and I appreciate your generosity in allowing their use. I plan to use this closer to Christmas at the URL given. I also posted your advent crosswalk photo, with proper attribution.

I hope you're having a blessed Advent.

Scott Dodge


I don't know if I noticed it the first time around, but Mary in a hoodie is genius. It calls back a little to that image we have of Mary in our minds with her head covered.

The other photos are fabulous too. If you haven't already, check them out.


hey Ben, I'm not sure yet, but i think i might use it in the women's prison as a postcard, but without the questions [just with the 'Mary']. Would that be ok? She looks so strong and so fragile, all at once. it's gorgeous.

Becky Roth

Three years later I'm delighted to have stumbled across this beautiful and thought-provoking image. I will be using it (with proper attribution) on the cover of my Episcopal community's monthly newletter this month. Thanks for your generosity.

Tracy Marlow

Hi Ben I ve just come across this picture of Mary and would love to display it in the youth club I'm running. you say you have written
some ideas of how to use it how can I get to see these?

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